“Holidays are coming….”

Who saw the Coca cola Christmas advert??!!!! I did!!!! Like everyone else, i'm not properly in Christmas mode until I've seen that advert (and please dad, none of your lectures on how its american and not British and how that look of Santa was actually invented by coca cola blah blah blah blah)  even though … Continue reading “Holidays are coming….”


Good neighbours mean everything

12 years ago Adam and I bought our first house together. We lived in that house for 10 years.  We didn't know a lot of our neighbours, only the ones that lived next door.  At first I don't think they liked us very much.  A young couple moving in, first house, coming and going....we had … Continue reading Good neighbours mean everything

My husband the entrepreneur 

The shop....its open.....its finally, frickin' open!!!! Warning! This blog may come across selfish, bitter, playing victim and whatever else I think I know you'll think... For the past 3 and half months I've been playing single mum to the 2 kids.  This probably wouldn't have been so bad apart from it started not long after … Continue reading My husband the entrepreneur