If you have read my last blog you will know that I should have been away on holiday.  I ended up back at work and changing my leave around which has meant that I could take more time off during the 2 weeks of school holidays.  This excited me cos its not often I get time with Ruby on our own and with Tilly being at nursery it meant we could do mummy & daughter things.

I didn’t have anything planned and just thought we’d take each day as it comes dependant on weather.  But all she’s wanted to do is play out with the other kids on the street and hang out at their houses…

I don’t mind this as we do have the best neighbours and we all love that our kids play out together. Some of previous blogs explain how awesome the street is where we live.  But it has meant that I have had time to myself which is hard to get used to… I cleaned lol

Today however, we have been to my mums as she organised a little easter party for Ruby, Matilda and Layla (my niece) and she also invited a long life friend of mine (also called Helen) and her little girl.  They live just over an hour away from us so we don’t get to get together that often but when we do its lovely to watch the girls play together.  Infant we were laughing today as it just reminded Helen and I of what we used to be like.

My mum arranged so many activities for the girls – easter bonnet making, bun decorating, crafts, pass the parcel and of course no easter party is complete without an easter egg hunt.  We’ve had a fab day.

Tomorrow we are going to Canon Hall Farm for an easter day which will be fun.  I love days out.  And on Sunday we’re off to ANOTHER easter party over at my dads and Julie’s place.  The girls are going to get sooooo much chocolate its going to be hard to resist!

Adam’s been getting on with the front garden whilst he’s had some quieter time.  Obviously he didn’t book work in with us supposed to be on holiday.  He managed to bring a job forward but had weekends and evenings free so he was guilt tripped into starting the garden.  He was guilt tripped by Ruby ‘Dad why is next doors garden so lovely and ours is scruffy?’

Ha ha he was straight on the case.  So Mine and Rubys task for next week is to create a fairy garden, paint a bench and plant some wild flowers. I just hope the weather is nice.  Although, when the weather was really hot last weekend I flippin’ burnt.  Which is NOT like me at all.  But my psoriasis has flared up again so my skin is obviously changing and is now more sensitive.  But the sun supposedly helps so i figured I’d get out in it whilst I can.

In the free time that I have had, with Ruby not wanting to spend time with me, I’ve watched the new Netflix series called 13 Reasons Why.  OH….MY….GOD it is one of the best series I have watched in a long time.  So powerful!! Its not often I watch something and NEED to watch the next episode, and the next, and the next.

Its one of those programmes thats had an effect on me for a number of different reasons.  If you haven’t watched it already, you must.  So unbelievably powerful and the way its done and the actors are just amazing.  I didn’t know until I started watching it that its a book – which I now want to read! I could watch it all over again!

Anyway, thats my week so far.  Hope you’ve all enjoyed your week!

Live, Love and Laughter

Helen xx



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