The ‘Oh my god’ week

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that this last week has been a ‘Oh my god, this can only happen to us’ moment.

We booked a holiday in January 2016 knowing that Adam would be opening the shop and we wouldn’t have a lot of time together as a family.  We have been on countdown for this holiday, really looking forward to it and looking forward to spending time just the 4 of us.

Chicken pox has been going round Matilda’s Nursery for weeks and we were hoping she would get it but in good time for it to clear before we went.  I was prepared to get a Fit to Fly letter if she was scabby and do whatever I needed to do.

As last week went on we were getting all the last bits we needed, getting to ready to pack,  getting the house sorted for going. My mum picked Matilda up from nursery on Wednesday and they had said there were a couple of spots.  Now Matilda has sensitive skin anyway, and is always having problems with eczema, rashes, etc.  So we brushed it off.

When I arrived at my mums from work I looked at these spots and I just knew they were chicken pox!!! ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!

Everything went through my head, from wrapping her up and smuggling her on the plane, to putting make up on the spots to disguise them, to going to stay at the airport as planned on Thursday night and waking up and seeing how she looked on Friday morning when we flew.

We woke up Thursday morning and she didn’t have anymore spots than the night before. But we knew it was the wrong thing to do – to go on a plane.  What if there was a pregnant lady, or someone who was having treatment for something and chicken pox could make them incredibly poorly.  I couldn’t have that on my conscience for my own selfish reasons! We were gutted! absolutely gutted! Ruby didn’t care to be honest, she wanted to be at school anyway so she wasn’t away from her boyfriend (6 going on 16)

So we started the proceedings of cancelling everything.

We had to cancel the airport hotel, airport parking, visit Thomsons to cancel the holiday package, go to the doctors to ensure Matilda had been seen so we could claim on travel insurance, then there was starting the claim for the insurance.  Thursday was a busy day!

However, in the time that I had been on the phone to the travel insurance giving them the details Adam had been on the phone to Thomsons, putting a deposit down on the same holiday package but for the summer holidays!

You can tell how desperate we all were for a break and to spend time with each other!

But Matilda was fine on Thursday so much so that we wondered if we had done the right thing in cancelling.  there were no more spots coming out, she had a slight temperature but nothing major. Why did we cancel everything?! We should have kept it.

But Friday morning confirmed that we had done the right thing.  She woke up COVERED!! and I mean COVERED!!! In her ears, in her eyes, all over her body and face, in her hair.  Poor thing looked like a walking dot to dot.

As Friday went on she got worse.  She was really unwell with them and was really struggling.  Friday night was horrendous – we barely slept.  And Saturday she just clung to me which is not like her.  She’s far from a mummy’s girl but didn’t want anyone else but me (I was very much pleased with this lol) she wouldn’t even let me sit her next to me, she wanted to be on my knee, or my hip, or sleeping on me which is really unlike her (the girl loves her bed)

My sister told me about putting porridge oats in some tights and letting them soak in the bath so I did this on Saturday night.  Flipping hell it worked a treat! She slept all night and the spots were starting to dry out and scab over.  And since then she’s been fine.  Still spotty and a few new ones but fine in herself.  So much so we played out on sunday and she loved it!

Because Adam had some free time on his hands now we weren’t going away.  He decided to spend the weekend starting the front garden.  I think he was guilt tripped into it by Ruby as she had said to him on Friday (whilst they were playing out after school) ‘Daddy, why is next doors garden so nice and ours is scruffy?’ If that doesn’t get you motivated to do something……

So he and Ruby started on the grade on Saturday and I have to say they got a lot done and its looking lovely.  Still a lot to do but now he’s started it – he has to finish it…right?!

But as of today he’s thrown himself back into work. And we’re all back on countdown to a holiday again – on countdown to spending some time together!

Live, Love and Laughter

Helen xx


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