I’m back!!!

You may….or may not have noticed but I haven’t written a blog since New Years Eve.  Not purposely but I just haven’t felt inspired (my god that sounded cheesy)

To be honest I haven’t felt like I’ve had anything to write about. My new resolution of #SelfLove hasn’t gone to plan at all.  It started well and Adam was really helping by being at home more so I had more time to go exercise, or pamper myself get a shower in peace.  But then he got so busy again it kind of stopped. Then I fell ill with a bloody virus that hasn’t shifted in 4 weeks!!! Its robbing me of any energy I have.

Anyway, you haven’t missed much.  I’ve not had anything to report. Apart from we’ve started vlogging. Throughout January we did quite a bit but its slowed down a bit now.  I haven’t yet edited and uploaded any but I will do. Ruby is loving it and to be honest its quite a good way to make sure the house is tidy and I look half decent.  Cos who wants to say me first thing in a morning and the house a mess…right?  It won’t last ha.

So watch this space for YouTube uploads.

I’m currently trying to decide what to do with Ruby in the half term holidays.  We’re trying to save money at the minute so I don’t want to go nuts.  I thought about taking her the Junior showing at Cineworld. But depends what’s on as she’s seen most. We’ll see though.

I’m a bit gutted today and i’ll tell you why… Adam has just told me that there is a cruise that we could have gone on but its closed for bookings now.  I’ll give you a bit of background.

Adam loves watching car building programs, Bike building programs, DIY stuff etc etc.  I personally can’t stand them.  Apart from one….Gas Monkey Garage.  Richard Rawlings is like a guilty pleasure of mine (I can sense the googling now) They’ve announced a cruise called Cruising with the monkeys.  Basically they’ve hired a cruise ship for a week to go around the caribbean and people buy tickets at ridiculously cheap prices. They arrange parties, excursions, there’ll be other celebs on board.  Adam told me about this today, I went straight on the internet to look, started pricing it up…it was looking promising until I realised the dates and then it all went tits up.  They’re dates that we can’t do due to it being too close to another getaway that’s happening! I’m gutted!! If we could have got someone for the kids we could have been on a party cruise for a whole 7 days with Richard Rawlings….RICHARD RAWLINGS for crying out loud.

So anyway, I’m going to start writing again.  Hopefully you’re all still interested in what I have to say.  I have some blogs up my sleeve to write so there’ll be plenty more.  Plus the blogging on my YouTube channel! Exciting times

Live Love and Laughter

Helen x


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