Christmas Gift Haul

I hope everyone had a fab christmas and received everything they wished for.  I know I was certainly spoilt as were the girls.

I thought I’d share some of the gifts I received.

I received a few little signs that can be hung around the home.  One of my favourites was this ‘Everything is better in your pyjamas’ that my sister bought for me.  She also bought me the light up H for my dressing table which i love.

My sister in law bought me the Live Love Laugh mug which I LOVE as usually you find this saying a different way round.  Its usually Live Laugh Love but the fact that this was the same as my blog name was meant to be.  It was from her mum’s shop in Horsforth called Ideas.  If you’re ever wandering round the street of Horsforth, pop in, she has some beautiful things.


By now you all pretty much know how much I LOVE rose gold/copper and sparkly things. So of course a lot of the gifts I received were just this.


  • Rose gold Lily England Paddle brush & a Lily England tangle teaser
  • 2 Real Techniques Bold make up brushes
  • A shamazing rose gold glittery purse from my bestie (perfect present – she knows me so well)
  • 2 bracelets by Joma Jewellery (again from my sister in laws Mum’s shop) – beautiful bracelets and I will be purchasing more.
  • Lily Flame candle in Blush – Smells divine!
  • MAC eyeshadows in Naked Lunch and Woodwinked
  • Lancome Hypnose doll eyes mascara – my fave ever mascara

I also received some books that I’d wanted for some time.  I normally download my books onto my iPad and read them on there.  But what I’ve become very conscious about is that all Ruby will see is me on my iPad.  When actually i’m reading.  So I decided, as much as i’m into technology, that I’d go back to the old school way and read actual books.  That way i’m leading by example…I hope.


I received The Christmasaurus which was actually a present I bought for Ruby but thought we could ready it together.  However, her response was ‘er mum, you have to have a lot of patience to read that, so you read it first’ whilst throwing the book to one side. Got to love her…


Another one is Niomi Smarts Eat Smart.  Now I follow Niomi on YouTube.  But a friend of mine suggested this recipe book to me.  Its a vegan/Plant Based recipe book.  I’m not vegan but I am interested in finding a way that my whole family can eat the same meals, and be healthy.  As you know Matilda is dairy intolerant.  We have made a few changes in the things we buy for all of us, such as Butter, yogurts and Milk. But Matilda, a lot of the time has something different or something boring like soup.  But I would like to be healthier, i would like us all to eat the same meals, so this book seemed perfect.  I can’t wait to try some of the recipes.





The next book is Bloom by Estee Lalonde.  This is a book about how she found happiness, how she made it to who she is today and offers tips for finding you and surviving life.  I love these kind of books.  Not necessarily self help books.  But to read about other peoples experiences and taking from it to guide yourself through life.


There were plenty more gifts I received such as Pj’s, Slippers, Money, etc.  And they are all muchly appreciated. So Thank you to everyone who spoiled me this christmas.

Live, Love and Laughter

Helen xx


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