Blogmas – day 24

Well, it’s here. The last blogmas day has arrived. I’ve been so rubbish at this and not kept up to blogging every day.  But, never mind. I’ve had fun trying. 

The last few days have been so much fun. I’ve really struggled wrapping presents with Ruby being around so I took them all to my mums and spent 2 evenings there…in my mum elf pjs, wrapping, having cups of tea and watching Ab Fab and Blindspot. Oh and munching on chocolates (it’s Xmas, it’s allowed)

We also sent our annual photo Christmas card out. It’s actually turned out pretty good. 

Today we have spent the morning/early afternoon at my mums seeing my brother and his family which was lovely. And now just getting a few chores done. 

Tonight we’ll be doing what everyone else is likely doing and that’s giving the girls their Xmas eve boxes, wearing our Xmas elf pjs, and sticking on a Xmas film. Hopefully the girls will go to bed and stay there. We have about 4 or 5 things  hat need building up. And I’ll be honest, we never hear Ruby getting out of bed and coming downstairs. She’s like a ninja!!

Just going back to the Xmas eve boxes – I’ve put a couple of standard boxes together but my mum surprised the girls with these fab Xmas eve stockings. She made the stockings and filled them with little gifts and sweets and activities for the girls to do. How great are they? 

I’m so glad the flipping fairies (our version of elf on the shelf) are going tonight. I’m going to enjoy not having to think about where to put them or getting in bed and realising we haven’t moved them and then arguing as to whose turn it was ha ha.

Tomorrow we’re seeing family pretty much all day. I’m really excited about tomorrow. I love Xmas. It’s my favourite time of year and I especially love seeing all the familam on Xmas day. 

I’ll be offline tomorrow but I’ll try to blog about Xmas day and what we all did and received, early next week.

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and have a fabulous time

Live, love and laughter

Helen xx


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