Blogmas – day 20

…..Including days 11-19

Well I think it’s clear that I’ve failed big time at my first blogmas lol.

It just got really hectic all of a sudden. Missing one day led to missing 10!

What have you guys missed over the last 10 days…

Our Christmas trees are up!! Ruby has her own which is filled with ornaments that either have been made or bought for them. It goes in the playroom…out of the way. But the stand on hers had broken. Instead of buying a new stand adam got a piece of tree stump, drilled a hole in the middle and stood the tree in it ha ha. Perfect!! 

My tree is the snobby one ha. It has all beautiful baubles on bought from garden centres. Then some mix ones with Beautiful gold glitter leaf garland. I LOVE it!

We had our big big team meeting at work. The last one before Christmas and my friend and I were the facilitators as we just love Christmas so much. We spent a day planning loads of activities – all with a work twist. We had it in the restaurant at The Alhambra and everyone wore Christmas jumpers or outfits. We played Xmas music and Xmas games. It was great to have the whole team together…all 50 of us!! We also had a competition at work of the best decorated area based on a Xmas film. Ours was Nativity. We set up a real nativity. Had a load of hay down on the floor and people got all dressed up on judging day. It was on a monday which I don’t work Mondays but I went in for the time they were judging and took Matilda in so she could be the real life baby Jesus ha. She loved it. She likes being the centre of attention and was wandering up and down the office chattering away to everybody. We came 3rd which we were pretty chuffed about. 

We also went to see the panto on Sunday at the Alhambra. It was Peter Pan. It was so good! I love the panto. It never fails to get me in the Christmas spirit. And I love Billy Pearce. Matilda was surprisingly good through it and actually enjoyed it…clapping along and singing

Yesterday the girls and I went over to my dads as he and Julie were doing a meal for us as a little Xmas get together. Matilda was enjoying playing peekaboo 

Today I’ve had a day at home with Ruby. She requested a pyjama day so that’s what we’ve had. I’ve done a few chores, we’ve done colouring together, playdoh, foot massages, cuddled, finished Xmas cards.  I’ve had a lovely day with her. 

Oh we took our annual Christmas card photo too. Well my sister took it for us last week. I’ll post the picture once the cards have been sent out. But I got the cat dressed up as part of it but she refused to be in the photo 

I’ll try to remember to post tomorrow too 

Live love and laughter

Helen x


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