Blogmas – day 10

Oops missed another day! Bit rubbish at this aren’t I?!

Mind you, not much happened yesterday. Just work and home. However, we had a bit of fun at work decorating for Christmas. Each year there’s a theme and this year was Christmas films. We chose Nativity. So we’ve done a little nativity scene made out of cardboard and put real hay down lol. Because it’s meant to be like a school nativity we’ve done some children’s style pics and put them up and also done an Alphabet chart with words associated with our department and the company. 

Then we have a few people dressing up for judging. 

Today had been a lovely day although it started bad. Firstly the kids were in the most annoying moods this morning and I must have woken up with little patience. I love my girls but my god there are times when I think ‘I need some me time’

Then Ruby fell off the top step of the ladder of her bed. Luckily she landed on the sofa bed!

We finally made it to the Christmas party we were going to. It was lovely as per usual. There were songs, games, good, prizes and santa!! 

As you can see, Matilda did not like santa lol. But she did enjoy the rest. She always wants to be with the big kids or one of the big kids

Tonight I’m afraid is not that interesting. Kids in bed and ironing for me whilst watching the final of xfactor 

Live love and laughter

Helen x


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