Blogmas – day 7

It was Ruby’s school nativity today. It was amazing. It was called ‘lights, camel, action!’ And the way they’d done it was soooo good. 

They’d done the traditional nativity story with a strictly twist. The songs were amazing, the concept was amazing and children were most certainly amazing.

Ruby didn’t play a main part but she was in the choir and she sang her little heart out. My friends little girl, who is best friends with Ruby, played Mary and for one of the songs she sang a solo. She’s only 6 and she sang a solo! She sang so beautiful, I even teared up a bit for her. 

Right now I’m sat on the sofa, in my Christmas pjs (or I should say one of my many sets of Xmas pjs), with my Christmas blanket over me, doing a spot of Christmas shopping, drinking tea out of my Christmas tea cup.

Couldn’t get more Christmassy right now ha ha

Live, love and laughter

Helen x


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