Blogmas – day 6

Today was mums birthday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 

Today was also the first day back at work since Friday night out. It felt like I was doing the walk of shame Lol. Each time someone saw me they gave me ‘that look’ and would say “have you recovered” knowing full well I had and also knowing the whole bloody story. I’m amazed how quick news travels. By the end of the day though I realised I wasn’t the only one in a bad way and that stayed in bed pretty much all of Saturday. I figured the difference was that it doesn’t normally happen to me. I’m normally the sober one, the designated driver, the one that wakes up remembering everything and may aswell carry a sign saying #smugface. This was probably the first time my work colleagues have seen me intoxicated, staggering around very ungracefully.

Anyway, after work was Ruby school Christmas disco. She always likes me to stay and this time was even more fun as Tilly was wanting to join in dancing and being in the foam machine with all the big kids 

After the disco we went to Rawdon for the Christmas fair. Adams shop, Bespoke Desigb Bathrooms, was staying open until late whilst the fair was on as were all the other businesses. The road was blocked off, there were a few stalls selling mulled wine, hot sandwiches, hot chocolate. And all the shops were open for business. There were a couple of rides and also a choir and band on. It was surprisingly fun and busy. Very festive and great in raising money for charity and getting the local community together. 

Onto tomorrow for another day. Not a busy one but I’ll report back anyway as promised 

Live, love and laughter 

Helen x

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