Blogmas – day 5

Today hasn’t been very Christmassy to be honest. Poor little Matilda tots hasn’t been well so we’ve just don’t a lot of snuggling. 

I have been doing a spot of online Christmas shopping if that counts. 

I did have a mass tidy up but didn’t get chance to my cleaning (exciting times)

But I had to strip my bed this morning. The funniest thing happened. Matilda and Ruby were cuddling in my bed this morning and playing about. I just heard “Mum, why is Tilly wet?” As she taps her bum. “Errr Ruby you go wash your hands I’ll just go change Matilda’s dirty nappy”(crying with laughter) So the bed also had to be changed. 

I picked Ruby up from school, we went to morrisons shopping, she had a dentist appointment (or so I thought) we got there, sat and waited only to be told the appointment was on Thursday lol. So we then went home.

We wrote santa letters and we did a Christmas advent activities calendar that I totally forgot I got for Ruby. 

Once the girls were in bed I did some ironing, caught up on some tv and you tube vlogmas videos done by my fave vloggers.  Then to bed myself but not after getting everything ready for tomorrow.

Not a hugely exciting day but I’m sticking to my blogmas 

Live love and laughter

Helen x

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