Blogmas – day 4

I’ve failed already with this haven’t I? I missed day 3 but to be fair I was in a bad way after my works Xmas do on Friday night….a really bad way!! 

It was such a good night with amazing people. Including my sister who for a change was the responsible one. 

So yesterday i was in bed till 4pm. My amazing hubs had the day off work and took the girls out so I could recover. I really needed it.

I did manage to squeeze in watching a couple of Christmas films. Channel 5 were playing them back to back. 

Today we went to church for the December family service which was nice. We go to Thackley Methodist and They’re holding Thackley primary’s carol service there on Monday 12th December. There’s one at 1:30pm and 6pm. I can’t wait – I do love a good carol service at Christmas time 

Anyway, this blog has been a bit crap I know so I apologise

Live love and laughter

Helen x

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