Blogmas – Day 2

I’m getting the Christmas spirit….

The ringtone is christmassy, the screen saver is christmassy and I’ve got out the Christmas Cd’s for the car.

The Kenny and Dolly one is THE BEST!! I feel like my family are the only people who know about this.  It was a 1984 feature length TV film and we used to watch it every Christmas. Its not released on DVD but we all have a copy of the CD.  For most people the traditional songs are the ones that remind them of this time of year but for me and pretty much all of my family, its Kenny & Dolly.

So this morning i jumped in my car ready to put the CD in and play it.  But when i opened the case… wasn’t there!!! I looked in the cases of the other Christmas Cd’s.  Not to be found. GUTTED!!!! Not to worry though, I put on the other one.  But what it does mean is that I now have to go through all of my Cd’s to find it as i’ve obviously  put it in another case. Crap #annoyedface

People at work have been giggling at me too ‘cos I’ve got a christmas jumper on today (emoji’s…smily face, santa, christmas tree).  I’ve also been wearing reindeer antlers ha ha (or should that be ho ho)

PLUS….i’m out on my work’s christmas do tonight.  Beware…i’m drinking, this sn’t going to end pretty. I’ll report back tomorrow

Live, love and Laughter

Helen xx



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