Blogmas – Day 1

So this is my own take on the YouTube ‘Vlogmas’ series.  My plan is to post every day and my aim is to get you all in the Christmas Spirit (not that you aren’t already).  These blogs will generally be short and sweet but you know me….I can ramble on (ha)

In my last blog, I wrote about advent calendars.  We seem to be overloaded with them!!

Ruby and Matilda have the Personalised box ones each which were made by my Mum (shes so bloody brilliant) And i fill these with treats and gifts.  This is Matilda’s first year for this and my Mum found some dairy free chocolate coins at Sainsbury’s! Unfortunately they don’t fit in the drawers ha ha

I also got Matilda a dairy free advent calendar from Holland & Barrett and Ruby a Trolls calendar.  And Ruby also has a Peppa Pig one (sugar rush anyone?!)

I think I mentioned about the bracelet one I also bought for Ruby from Aldi?! She LOVED it!! she was so excited.

Adam and I both have a dairy milk one…which I picked up from Morrisons.

Last year Adam got me this beautiful one.

However, this year he hasn’t got one for me #sadface.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t gutted (selfish cow) but he has been working so hard lately it doesn’t surprise me that its completely passed his mind. So I guess I’ll forgive him (smiley sarcastic emoji inserted here)

Some of you may know that my Mum has been making felt decorations, elves, fairies etc to raise money for charity.  So this morning the girls got a visit from 2 little fairies called Holly & Ivy who are going to keep watch.  Its a take on the elf on the shelf.  

Last year Ruby had an elf but he has the flu this year (really we couldn’t flippin’ find what we’d done with him…parent fail) but mum came to the rescue with 2 fairies YEY!!

Live, Love and Laughter

Helen xx


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