“Holidays are coming….”

Who saw the Coca cola Christmas advert??!!!! I did!!!!

Like everyone else, i’m not properly in Christmas mode until I’ve seen that advert (and please dad, none of your lectures on how its american and not British and how that look of Santa was actually invented by coca cola blah blah blah blah)  even though I LOVE the other Christmas adverts and always look forward to the John Lewis one especially there’s just something about the Coca Cola one.

So I spent some time at the weekend looking at different Christmas Fairs, markets, events that are on and started putting them in my diary.  Hopefully we’ll be able to make a lot of them and really get into the Christmas spirit.

We went to City Park in Bradford on Saturday night to see the lights switched on.  What a waste of an hour of my life that was!!!! It was shockingly bad.  I’ve been to a few events in Bradford recently and they’ve been ok but this was BAD.  i can’t knock the performers, the performers were good and Ruby enjoyed those.  But as for the countdown and the actual switch on….well there was nothing to see.  The lights were all over Bradford….apart from where the event was held.  But Ruby was happy, she got a tacky light up stick thing (smiley emoji)

So last year Adam spoiled me by buying me a Ciate advent calendar from Harrods.  He also bought Ruby the lego one.  So this year i’m wondering if i’ll get a special one again (he he) So I’ve been looking which are out there.  I LOVE the Charlotte Tilbury one but that is £150….that’s not going to happen. My friend posted a picture of a Clarins one that she has this year which is amazing but they’re now out of stock.  Body Shop, benefit, No7 (do you think he’s getting the hint yet?) I’ve bought Ruby one from Aldi.  She’s growing up so fast and she’s said she wants a nail varnish one like I had last year but its wasted on her.  But Aldi did a bracelet one which is a very cheap version of the Pandora style bracelet.  You get the bracelet then each day of Advent you open a door to a new charm.  For £10 i thought that was perfect for her.  We’ve also got her a Trolls advent calendar and we have one that my mum made her that we fill up every year.  I’ll post these in my version of ‘Blogmas’ lol

In other news…we had a girls night to see Mary Poppins at the Alhambra.  There was me, Ruby, Nicola, Layla & my mum.  Luke (Nicolas husband) and Adam has sneakily bought us tickets to see it as a surprise then me and Nic bought my mum one for her Birthday coming up so she could come with us.  Girls night!!!!

Also, I’m a tad disappointed.  You know before I’d mentioned about wanting to become a rainbows leader and that I might be getting a chance well I don’t think I’ll be needed now. They’ve got enough leaders.  But  I hope they change their mind and get really busy so I have the option to in the future.  Ruby’s mega disappointed too.

Ooo also, you know my new healthy, clean eating path that i’m trying?  Well, I’ve not been as good as I wanted to be but i’m making small changes.  My friend at work gave me a recipe for granola a while ago and I ‘love it’ (said in a singing voice).  I am literally going through the stuff now although i did burn a batch the other day cos my dad FaceTimed me and I forgot about it.

Some honest news…I’ve flared up with Psoriasis!!!! First time in my life and its all over my body.  Its horrendous.  It started last Thursday, got worse by Friday, by Monday I was at the docs as it had spread and right now as I type this its just flaring up in new areas.  Its gross, and ugly and I’m covering up and I feel so self conscious.  But I wanted to be honest and say something as I know so many people have or do suffer with the same. Its bloody awful! I completely sympathise with everyone who has ever suffered.  I just hope I can learn to help keep it at bay rather than have it looking so awful.  I can’t believe what it feels like.  My confidence is at an all time low! At least its winter where covering up is acceptable. But if anyone has any tips/remedies/ etc please share!!! 

On the plus side I am getting new hair on friday!!!! i’m going for a drastic change – well not really drastic but a lot of people are telling me not to do it. I feel like I’ve made it sound super excitingly different and it isn’t really.  But i’ll post a before and after on my facebook/twitter/instagram pages.

Live, Love and laughter

Helen x


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