We needed a break!

Prior to our break…

Weeks had passed where it felt like we hadn’t seen each other.  We’d have the odd evening but it was an hour, possibly two at most. There was one particular day I remember, where Adam wasn’t working but he spent the day building up Ruby’s new bed and moving her room around.  For which I am extremely grateful. But we haven’t spent a day as a family or even an evening in such a long time. I don’t remember the last time we sat down for a meal together.

I leave in a morning and my words to Adam are “I’ll see you tomorrow morning”.

Matilda doesn’t realise it really but Ruby and I do and as much as I try to keep things going and making her life feel as normal as possible, she’s not daft, she knows her daddy isn’t here.

We are super proud of him but it doesn’t make it any easier to not have him around.

So we decided to take a long weekend and stay in the in laws caravan in Castle Douglas, Scotland.

The break…

We set off on the Friday morning – Perfect timing for Matilda to have a sleep and Ruby was quite happy on her iPad. We stopped half way at services, got some dinner, the kids had a play and then we set off again.

We arrived in Castle Douglas mid afternoon.  It was a beautiful site and lovely caravan with stunning views. Only downside was that the van doesn’t have central heating and that weekend was freeeeeezing! The girls and I didn’t really let it get to us (there was a fire and some oil heaters) but Adam just couldn’t let it go!! The best thing was that there was not enough signal for phone calls or social networking.

Anyway, we went and did a spot of shopping for the weekend and that night we just relaxed.

The girls shared a room (tilly in a travel cot) however, stupid me forgot to pack her Slumber Buddy.  This is something she has had since she went in her own room.  It projects on the ceiling and plays a number of different lullaby’s. She wouldn’t settle at all! So ended up in our bed.  It was quite nice to be honest.

The next day Adam couldn’t get over the cold, Ruby wanted to go to the beach and I just wanted to walk and relax.  So we did it all. Even watching strictly and Xfactor.  Ruby was loving it.  She had her daddy, he cuddled, read books, played games, coloured in.  He even took her swimming, just them two.

That night though Matilda wouldn’t even let us step foot in that room to put her to bed so once again she slept with us.  It was lovely but Ruby was getting annoyed that she too wasn’t allowed to sleep with us.  If you’ve ever stayed in a Caravan, you know that the double beds aren’t actually a double.  We have a king size at home and we struggle when all 4 of us are in that!

But on the last night we put Matildas travel cot down and I shared with her and then Adam shared with Ruby. It was a funny night.  Matilda had gone to sleep ok, so I crept back out again. Throughout the night she was so funny.  She wanted to constantly be right next to me, or face to face and then at one point she woke up crying but wouldn’t let me cuddle her (stubborn li’l monkey)

The drive home was a long one (they always are on the way back aren’t they) we didn’t get home till 8pm and both girls were asleep so went straight to bed.

After the break…

Life resumed as normal.  I left for work on Tuesday morning but not before saying to Adam “I’ll see you tomorrow morning”

It might not have been a long break and Adam certainly didn’t shut off from his stresses but we had proper quality family time and it was needed.

Live, Love and Laughter

Helen xx

P.s. Some pictures of our Break (There’s not many as I didn’t take many as I wanted to just enjoy and savour the moments, not see them through a device)






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