Half term…What do you mean??

Half term crept up on me. It seriously felt like it came out of nowhere.

It started with myself and my bestie going to see Justin Bieber (hence the title) and no I’m not ashamed or ‘Sorry’ (bad joke?)!! We had an awesome time amongst the teeny boppers and the mums of the 8 year olds lol it was defo good fun.

Ruby was shared out amongst family throughout the week where she had a lovely time crafting, baking, trips to the park. I couldnt take much time off work cos I have to make sure I spread it out amongst all the school holidays. And i did take quite a few days off in the summer plus Christmas is my fave holidays so I’ve also taken time off there.

We’ve got Ruby a new high sleeper bed which she LOVES.  It was her cousins bed and he’s got a new one so gave this one to Ruby.  She’s super excited!!!  But the problem is Matilda keeps trying to climb the ladders. I know she doesn’t have the strength yet but it only takes that one time when I walk in to Rubys room and she’s sat on top of the bed! The only thing i don’t like is that I cant give her a kiss and cuddle when I go to bed and she’s asleep.  I did try once but the bed creaks when I climb up it and she started to move and wake up so I dropped to the floor, stopped breathing and army crawled out of the room (no eye rolling please, we’ve all done it)

To those with school children, I don’t know about you but I’ve really struggled getting Ruby back into homework. She did reading and some bits throughout the summer holidays but I didn’t make her do a lot as the summer holidays are for fun, right? Anyway, it’s got to the point where I’ve done a homework clock. Well not just 1….I’ve done 5. I’ll explain… At the start of year 1 I did a homework clock as she struggled then but I was at home on maternity leave, I picked her up and we did pretty much the same thing every evening.  So just the one clock was enough.  However, I’m at work now and she gets picked up by various people and goes to various clubs so I’ve done a clock for each school day depending on what she’s doing. And so far, it’s working! As I’ve said before Ruby likes routine, she likes to know where she’s at and what she’s doing. So these really help. They also help me….keeping me sane!

On Friday just gone I went to my mums for a ‘pudding and plonk’ evening. Mum arranges these to raise money for breast cancer. It was a lot of fun and she raised over £250 which is amazing!! Plus she did LOADS of home baked goodies and anyone who has tried my mums cakes know you can’t resist.

Then Halloween was here! I love Halloween. Not as much as christmas but its close.  And guess what? Ruby shares my love and excitement for it too. Adam and I used to throw awesome Halloween parties but obviously stopped when we had Ruby (infact i think it stopped when we decorated lol) On Sunday we went to a Halloween party arranged by a local business called Pop up parties. A while ago Ruby requested to be Harley Quinn.  I did her make up and hair just like Harley Quinn but I couldn’t find a childs Harley Quinn outfit anywhere so we found a Punk Rock dress from Home Bargain that was the closest thing.  She looked amazing and won best costume at the party.  She was pretty chuffed!

Obviously we went Trick or Treating on Monday evening.  We only go on our street as a lot of the neighbours love to see the girls and what they’re dressed up as.  But as we were going around Ruby lost a tooth!!! This is her 8th tooth to fall out now. She had some of those fake fangs and as she was taking them out she got knocked and it literally knocked her tooth out.  Adam had to pull it a bit.  The thing with Ruby is, even though this is her 8th tooth she really gets scared and creates.  But its that kind of creating where she doesnt listen and there’s no reasoning with the girl! She was frightening her friend to death as her friend hasn’t lost any teeth yet and is quite scared about it.  So Ruby didnt help there. But her friend very sweetly held her hand whilst Adam pulled it out and the minute it was out Ruby smiled cos then she remembered that it doesn’t actually hurt!

These are our Pumpkins for this year.  Adam was a little disappointed as he usually spends a while getting ideas and they’re really good. But because he’s super busy he didnt get the chance. But his still turned out pretty good. Rubys is a clown, mine is a shameless blog plug, and Matildas was an attempt of mine at a funny skull (not sure it looks like that!) and don’t ask what the little one with a fork stuck in it was cos I have no idea. This was another of Ruby’s!!

I decided that this year i will attempt to roast the pumpkin seeds seeing as though I am trying to get on the healthy bandwagon.  So I picked most of them out and washed them.  Coated them in olive oil, salt and cinnamon and baked them.  They are yummy!!  One batch was still a bit oily so should have had a little longer but other than that they are so tasty and so moreish.

Live, Love and Laughter

Helen x

One thought on “Half term…What do you mean??

  1. Just an update. ..now £305 for Breast Cancer!!!
    Just love reading your blog Helen, even though I don’t see you everyday, I can keep up to date with what you are all doing! Xxx

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