A week of firsts

Tilly took her first steps!!! Yay!! We were at my sisters new house with my auntie, uncle and cousin and Matilda took a liking to my cousin. After a while of playing she stood up and just took 3 steps towards my cousin. Then she kept doing the odd few steps. 

As soon as adam was home we popped to clarks to get her feet measured and get some shoes. She’s a 4F. Little big foot! But she refuses to walk in them ha ha. She takes them straight off and walks without them. Little monkey 

She’s also copying so many words. Not clearly, but if I said all gone, she copies the tone and noises. The other day I was leaving for work and said ‘love you’ she repeated it back and All of us, including Ruby, looked at each other in shock!!!

We Had a little trip to ikea at the weekend, we were just messing in the children’s section and I turn round to this!! 

She wasn’t phased in the slightest and actually cried if we tried to get her out.

Rubys been going to rainbows for a while now and really enjoys it. I remember loving rainbows and brownies.  Both my mum and dad were in scout and guides and my mum was brown owl when I joined So when the rainbow leaders asked for parent helpers I jumped at the chance. I actually really enjoyed it and Ruby loved having me there. 

Last weekend Roberts park in saltaire held a Big Picnic event. We went with my sister and her daughter. We weren’t sure what to expect or what things would cost to find that everything was free!!! They were handing out a picnic box to each person and they had all sorts on for kids. Face painting, nails, bouncy castle, and it was all free.  Even the regular ice cream van that parks there was giving out free ice creams. Matilda even got to tr her very first piece of cake. It was Vegan cinnamon and banana cake and she enjoyed every last crumb!! 

Anyway, We were looking for somewhere to leave a donation but couldn’t find anywhere. It was amazing and felt like whoever had organised it was really giving back to the community. So thank you !! 

The time has come…. The time of year when I’m starting to think about christmas. The events are popping up on my Facebook timeline, craft ideas are being pinned, present ideas are bring noted down. Eeek… I do love it.  

In the blogging world they do something called vlogmas where they do a video every day throughout December up to Christmas. It could be anything but Christmas themed so presents, decorations, wrapping, crafts, baking, etc. So I was thinking of doing the same but blogmas (I’m not ready for videos yet lol) What do you reckon? 
Live Love and Laughter 

Helen X


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