Back to School

Ruby’s been back at school for 3 weeks now and oh my god its been a hard 3 weeks.  Ruby doesn’t adapt well to change.  She never has.  She’s such a creature of habit.  It always takes her a while to adapt to a new routine.  Even as a baby she was that child where bedtime routine was important.  If you changed it, even just for one night, the next night would be a nightmare.

Its been hard enough making sure we got everything for her for the new school year (I certainly don’t envy those parents that have to do it for more than one child). But to throw in to the mix the paddys, homework, after school clubs, more paddys (arrrggghhhh)

I feel for Adam (hubbs) the mornings have been really hard for him.  Ruby has point blank refused to get ready, brush teeth, go to school.  Then evenings, to get the homework done, my god, even bribery didn’t work.

Then the after school clubs start….there’s rainbows which she throws a paddy at but yet still wants to go, but wants to stay at home, but will go next week.  Then there’s swimming which she doesn’t like doing and claims she can already swim but doesn’t understand the importance of carrying on.

Then I also have the cutest, angelic 1 year old who actually turns out to be a little shit (sorry mum for the language) who when you say ‘No’ to, stares right at you and does exactly the same thing again.  Oh and she loves to nip….and it friggin hurts!

So basically the last 3 weeks has just been me and Adam trying to tag team, teaching the big small person that school is important and teaching the smallest small person what NO actually means. We have given up……

On a more positive note I gave blood the other weekend.  Me and my sister went and I felt so good afterwards that I’d done something positive.  But Nicola’s couldn’t be used.  Something to do with the flow I think and that it took too long.

I also got involved in the #LoveBradford world record event held in City Park.  Myself and a few work colleagues went on our lunch break.  It was good fun but a really sunny, warm day and it took a few attempts to get it right.  So by the end we were sweating immensly lol! Not a good look when you have to go back to work.

We broke the world record though!

I’m off out this Friday after work with people from work.  This is the first time since Christmas that I’ve been out.  I’m so far removed from fashion, social conversation and all things cool that its making me so anxious! I mean, its just a night out for gods sake!  And it’ll be the first time I’ve experienced Bradford bars/pubs etc in about 10 years!! There’s quite a few new ones that I’ve not had the chance to visit and Bradford is not my first choice when it comes to socialising so I’m expecting an interesting evening! I’m not really a drinker either although my friend has other ideas (you know who you are) so I don’t even know how this night is going to turn out.  I’ll report back at the weekend if I’m able to ha

Live, Love and Laughter

Helen x



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