Birthdays, camping and summer holidays

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.  After my last blog about our street bbq I had the week off work to look after Ruby.  We spent the week getting prepared for the birthday party.  You know that one that had changed themes a few times.  So of course I had to make sure that Ruby was certain on the disneys descendants theme before buying anything.  Although she did try to change it again midweek (argh) 

Because Ruby had chosen descendants I didn’t think that it was appropriate to also have this as matildas theme for her 1st birthday.  So I decided on a woodland theme for her.  I think I’ve mentioned previously about my love of Pinterest so I managed to get plenty of ideas.  We did everything ourselves which was fun but also hard especially with both the kids around.  But Ruby helped and Matilda just tried to help.  Although keeping her away from glue, scissors, glitter etc was not easy.  At one point I realised she’d drawn on her legs and almost her face with a sharpie!!!  

On the Saturday night it felt like we were setting up for Christmas. Because they both share the same birthday we had a pile of presents for each of them like you do at Christmas.  Adam also built them a swing set on the Saturday evening whilst they were in bed which was amazing.  He’s also going to add a slide to it and build them a sandpit.  I think out of everything this was their favourite present.  Matilda cried if you tried to get her out of her swing and Ruby just spent the next 3 days outside playing on it (as did I lol)

The party was amazing. I set up one half of the kitchen in descendants theme and the other half in woodland theme.  I had foods for each theme with fun labels and drinks labelled up like ‘poison’ for descendants and ‘pond punch’ for woodland. There were twigs to eat and deer droppings (twiglets and maltesers) and Mal’s love potion cookies.  The girls had a cake each too which were made by me and Ruby (OK, my mum may have helped too)

It was amazing how many people came – family, friends and even some of the ladies from nursery who look after Matilda. The girls got spoiled rotten! Once the party was over Rubys request was that we go to murgatroyds, get fish and chips and sit at yeadon tarn. Perfect day and the girls enjoyed it Yey!!

The weekend after that we went camping. On the Friday the weather was horrendous and I was not looking forward to it one bit. Luckily my dad had put the tent up for us and by the time we got there on Friday evening the rain had stopped.  Just enough for us set up everything else.  Then it started again just as it was bedtime. The girls slept really well but I didn’t. I don’t like to be confined in bed – I like to starfish on my front which is impossible to do in a sleeping bag.  And I’m a wriggler which got me frustrated as every time I turned I got tangled up in the sleeping bag!! It was not a good night. The next day the park had a hog roast which was so much fun. They had a few bouncy castles and it did rain but that didn’t stop the kids. They loved it even more!! We slept a second night which again wasn’t the best night me but everyone else slept really well. Matilda was awake early so we went and got ourselves easy before the mad rush and lazy bones Ruby and Adam slept in. Packing up was funny as we hadn’t put the tent up we had no idea to take it down.  And how does everything go back in to those small bags?! But we managed.  The funniest thing was watching my brother in law try to put a pop up tent away. Easy to put up but not to take down ha ha!!

The school holidays are nearly over. It makes me sad this year that I haven’t been able to spend more time with Ruby.  Last year I finished work for maternity leave the day before Ruby broke up for summer. So I got to spend the whole of the 6 week holidays with her.  Well 4 of them were just me and her and the last 2 were 4 of us. Ahhhh memories!

Time goes way too fast.  I’m still trying to get over that I have a 6 year old and a 1 year old.  Let alone that Ruby starts year 2 soon. (Sad face) 

Live, love and laughter

Helen x

P.s I’m writing this whilst manning Adams shop with Ruby.  Not sure we were the best people lol


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