Good neighbours mean everything

12 years ago Adam and I bought our first house together. We lived in that house for 10 years.  We didn’t know a lot of our neighbours, only the ones that lived next door. 

At first I don’t think they liked us very much.  A young couple moving in, first house, coming and going….we had A LOT of parties. In fact I think some people reading this will remember those parties.  They weren’t just turn up and drink and listen to music. Our Halloween parties were the best. The decorations outdid any American ha ha.  Fireworks were always present as were the police on occasion.  

The one thing that always makes me giggle when I reminisce about our parties is the silent argument between Adam and I. There always came a point where one of us had had enough  (not always drink) and we’d want to go to bed but there were still people partying and we didn’t really want to be the one that had to stay up till everyone had gone. So it was a little silent fight as to who got to go to bed and who had to stay up. There was occasions where I managed to slope off quietly and some where Adam did. There were also occasions where one of us might not have had a choice as we were found wrapped around a toilet. (No eye rolling please, we’ve all been there lol) 

Eventually as we settled down. Well, when we’d spent money on the house and didn’t want it ruining, the parties dwindled. The neighbours started to like us and we got on really well. It was sad when we moved – We loved our house and the neighbours. It was a worry whether the neighbours on the new street were nice, horrid, not very social, etc.  All sorts went through my head. 

We moved a week before Christmas 2013. So as always in winter,  people, including us, hibernate. So we didn’t really see many of the neighbours. However, we did receive welcome cards and Christmas cards which was really nice. As Spring came we saw more and more of the neighbours. As summer arrived the kids all played out, the adults congregated too. It was awesome! Our previous street was a through road so Ruby could never really play out. The new road was a cul de sac so the kids just play out without worry (supervised obviously) They called for ruby, Ruby called for them. It was really really lovely. 

As time went on we got to know the neighbours even more and last year we all decided to hold a street party in the summer holidays.  There was a bbq, drinks, some games, a bouncy castle. We all had an amazing time. So much so we did it again this year. Yesterday infact. We all got together again including some other neighbours and we had a fab day.  I found myself just sitting back and looking, smiling and thinking how lucky we are. 

We’ve teased Ruby about us moving house again and she has none of it. I don’t blame her I can’t imagine we’d have the same anywhere else. 

We’ve made some amazing, kind and caring friends. 

Good neighbours mean everything. No scrap that – GREAT neighbours mean everything. 

Here’s to the rest of the summer holidays on the street and to next years street party which will be in Hollys garden for sure (private joke)

Live, love and laughter

Helen x

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