Weekend in Wales

As I mentioned in my last blog I was going away to Wales with my family this weekend.  I also said that because my sister was one of those people that I’d definitely have some stories to tell.  And sure enough she didn’t let me down. But I’ll get to that…

I’ve never been to Wales but I loved the change in the scenery once we’d gone from England to Wales.  I drove myself and the girls Friday lunch time.  Ruby in the front and Tilly in the back.  I’ve got to say Ruby and I were like 2 teenagers singing and dancing along until Ruby turned to me and said ‘mummy I think you should just mime’.  I wasn’t sure how to take that.  Personally I think she was just bothered that I over powered her with my Beyoncé like voice (don’t worry I am actually just kidding.  I sound more like Mariah lol).  We were most excited to drive through the tunnel under the sea and the tunnels through the cliffs. Adam said the same when he arrived later.  Actually his words were ‘I felt like I was in a scene from Fast and Furious’

On the Saturday we took the girls swimming on the site.  We sat in the wave pool so Matilda could just sit in her float and the slides were easy to get to for the boys and the kids. But I just have to tell you about a moment that I have imprinted on my mind for eternity. Matilda is a bit on and off with her morning naps.  But this particular morning she must have been tired.  Whilst the boys took the kids on the slides, myself, my sister and Matilda stayed in the wave pool.  Matilda in one of those sit in floats.  Before I knew it her little head rested on her cute little bent arm leaning forward on the float.  I put my nose to hers, gave a little kiss, she smiled, eyes heavy and just fell asleep. (a million heart emoji’s inserted here) I welled up and smiled.  It was one those moments I just wish I has a camera for but we didn’t.  I took a mental picture though and I will never forget it.  It was the cutest moment ever! She slept for half an hour even when the waves came on.  Just bobbing along.  Then when she was ready she woke up, took one look at us all and just beamed with a smile ready to have some fun.

Adam decided he wanted a full Haven experience when it came to Saturday evening.  He wanted to attend the ‘turn’, take the kids to a disco.  So we decidedto take the kids to the children’s evening entertainment and go from there.  Nicola guaranteed us that it was in the Cove clubhouse.  And we must get there early to get seats at the front for the kids.  So we toddle off early, walk in, park ourselves in prime position at the front (bonus, there was a table available) we’re sitting, people watching, laughing at the couple who are clearly emotional drunks as they haven’t stopped hugging or crying since we got there (apparently there was a wine club on beforehand) The guys went to the bar to order drinks when a voice comes over the tannoy to say that Bingo is about to start but only for the over 18’s.  If you’re looking for evening entertaining for children please pop over the courtyard to where the Seaside Squad will be entertaining the children with a show and disco.  Still sat a little confused before it twigged, grabbing the jackets and pram as quickly as we could.  Dashing over the way with the drinks to find the fully stocked (with children) club ready for the entertainment.  We were lucky to find a table.

Nicola was adamant it was there, was adamant we had to get there early to get a table at the front. Oh she was mistaken.  You’ve never seen us move as fast.  But we enjoyed it and kids had fun plus we enjoyed papa johns pizza (my favourite).

We had some time at the beach as well where Nicola and I captured some lovely photos of Ruby and Layla (Nicola’s daughter) they are the best of friends and more like sisters than cousins.  Its beautiful to watch but I am worried about what they’ll get up to when they’re older. I often caught them whispering to each other.  Probably discussing their master plan to take over the world.  I wouldn’t put it past them ha.  The photo I have attached is one of these moments.  A beautiful photo to us of the girls holding hands looking out into the big world.  That’s how we see it.  From the girls perspective I can imagine the conversation.  Ruby: Layla, just go further in the sea.  Layla: Why ruby? Ruby: because its fun, go on layla, see if you can get the water to go in your wellies. You get the gist…

We did have to end our weekend away earlier than planned due to Matilda being poorly.  We didn’t get back till late Sunday and then both girls weren’t well in the night.  Matilda woke up, then just as I got her back to sleep, ruby woke up, then again, then again, then again.  In the end Adam took over with Ruby and I carried on with Matilda.

Rough night.  But selfishly I do LOVE when they’re poorly as they want me…they want cuddles…they won’t leave me alone.  They want mummy to look after them and make them better….NOT daddy.  Yey!!!

Live, Love & Laugh

Helen x




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