Happy Hump Day

Well it’s the middle of the week and its been 4 days since the blog went live! Eek! I have to tell you I was so nervous. It’s one thing to publish it to WordPress, where I don’t know anyone. But my heart was pounding when I shared the link on social media. In fact I must have stared at my facebook status for about 10 minutes before posting it. I could have not shared it but then what’s the point.

People have been really positive and encouraging – I love you!   But I definitely now feel the pressure. I’ve been thinking of ideas of what to post and people have made suggestions which is great. I’m getting all giddy!

This weekend I’m off to Wales for a long weekend with the familam. I might blog about that. There’s bound to be some stories to tell. I mean, I am going with my sister after all *insert crying laughing emoji*

I’ve been trying to sort out my daughters birthdays this week.  My girls share the same birthday and there’s 5 years difference. Previously for Ruby we’ve hired or paid for somewhere to host it but this year I thought for ease we’ll do it at home. Have you ever tried getting a 5 year old to decide on a theme???!!! It’s changed about 3 times so far. We’ve settled on Alice in wonderland cos she’s been learning about that at school.

Ruby wants to be Alice (of corse) and apparently Matilda is the white rabbit (I’m actually quite excited about this). So off I go on Pinterest searching ideas and as per usual I’ve got majorly carried away (cue husband rolling eyes and shaking head in despair).

I’ve also found it incredibly difficult this year to think about what to get them.  Matilda has all Ruby’s hand me downs (yes I kept EVERYTHING) so she doesn’t really need anything.  And as for Ruby she keeps asking for Barbie’s and Barbie dvd’s but I honestly don’t think any exist that she doesn’t already have.  My best friend has the same situation.  Her daughter was born 2 weeks before Ruby and they’ve grown up together.  And every year we have the same conversations….  What party to have and what the hell to get them.  Luckily they are so alike so we can bounce ideas of each other.

I have a couple of things I’d like to have a little moan about.  One is that now Tilly is crawling she manages to get herself sat up and standing up.  So night times have become a bit of a nightmare this week.  She’s teething so she wakes up often.  But whereas before, she would just continue to lay there and go back to sleep she has now decided its more fun to sit up or stand up and not know what to do with herself. I’m thankful she’s not there screaming but it does become a game of mummy entering her room, giving smiles and a little kiss and cuddle (the kiss is on the lips too but don’t get me started on that bullsh*t that’s in the media) and then walking out.  Then we laugh and do it all over again.  The problem is I know I don’t help the situation cos I just laugh and smile each time I go in.  I mean she has THE cutest face I just can’t help myself.

The other thing I want to moan about is that I’ve been told this week I have a vitamin D deficiency.  I have to admit as much as I’m thinking ‘great’ (sarcastic tone) I suppose I’m grateful for knowing why I’ve been feeling really exhausted and down.  And so achey!  But I just need to get a holiday booked and i’ll be fine….oh wait I can’t. (sad face) as my husband is focussing on his new business venture.  I am so super excited for this so the holiday will have to wait.

One thing I have LOVED this week, and it was only published today, is the blog that Jennifer Aniston has written for The Huffington Post. I mean, I love this woman anyway but this article is amazing.  Even if I don’t fit the category of people she is referring to, her message behind it is something I totally agree with.

here is the link:


My view…People write their own stories, people chose their own paths.  No one should be judged or criticised for that.  I believe people should stop comparing and start living.

This has been a long blog – I’ve got a bit carried away I think.  They won’t always be this long.  Some might be longer ha ha.

Live, love and laugh

Helen x


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