First blog post

Welcome to my blog!

This feels very nerve racking as I’ve never done anything like this before.  I’m not a great writer or very creative or imaginative.  But just recently I’ve felt the need to do something creative and felt like documenting my thoughts, feelings, loves and laughter’s.  For what reason? I honestly don’t know.  But here I am…typing away and already thinking about possible future content.

Those who know me well, know that the title is my life motto.  And has been for a long time.  I thought that it goes well with what I plan on blogging about.  My life, my loves and the things that make me laugh.  These could be my thoughts, my feelings, life happenings.  Possibly travels, family, parenting and just general day to day life.  I’m just going with it!

You may find these interesting, you may not.  But one thing I request is that there is only positivity.  I am new to this and will be learning as I go.  So please give me a chance.  I might even figure out that I have some great qualities and that I’m actually quite funny (I hope)

So please, enjoy and I hope you come back

Live, Love & Laugh

Helen x


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